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Our Cloud services that make business challenges a breeze, not just a storm! 

Equations Work has been an early adopter of Managed Cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Businesses are increasingly relying on cloud technology to streamline their operations, drive innovation, and improve customer service and Equations Work is a perfect partner for this. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions to meet the needs of every business, no matter its size or industry.

We offer custom solutions tailored to your specific business needs, whether you’re looking to digitize existing processes or create something entirely new. Our solutions are designed to be cloud-based, scalable, and secure, so you can be sure your data is safe and compliant. We also help you integrate existing systems so everything works together seamlessly.

At Equations Work we understand that at its core, digital transformation is about using digital technology to optimize core business processes and create value for customers. Our mission is to help you leverage the latest digital tools and technologies to create efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and create new opportunities.

Some of our offerings for Cloud Services

Cloud Migration Services

cloud migration service

Our team offers a comprehensive cloud migration solution designed to meet your business needs and legacy technology stack constraints. With our practitioner-guided, automation-led approach and Cloud Automation Accelerators designed for you at Equations Work, you can move to the cloud quickly and confidently, with minimal disruption to your current operations. Our outcome-based model ensures maximum adoption of the cloud environment, as well as successful business outcomes. Additionally, we provide a 360-degree partnership with cloud providers, from training and development to certification and managed services. 

Cloud Native Application Development

cloud native application development

Equations Work’s cloud-native product engineering services can help businesses of all sizes realize the potential of the cloud by creating agile, cost-effective applications. With modern architecture, such as serverless, microservices, and container technology, companies can quickly and easily build applications that can scale with minimal effort. Our cloud-native accelerator lets businesses transform their legacy, monolithic applications into a multi-tenant SaaS platform with minimal disruption to end users. Additionally, our CI/CD accelerator allows for faster and more consistent releases with higher quality assurance. Take advantage of Equations Work’s cloud-native solutions today and stay ahead of the competition. 

Cloud Cost Optimization

cloud cost optimization2

Our Cloud Cost Optimization services can help you identify and implement solutions to reduce your cloud spend. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to identify areas to optimize, enabling us to implement changes quickly and predictably. These solutions can reduce your costs by up to 30-40%, with even higher savings achievable when moving to a cloud-native architecture. We can help you stop money leakages on under-utilized resources and apply the appropriate controls to ensure that you are getting value for your money. 



Equations Work offers a fast and efficient way to containerize legacy applications, helping enterprises reap the benefits of increased agility, scalability, and cost savings. Our automation services take existing running workloads and generate Docker images, allowing you to quickly eliminate an expansive and under-utilized cloud deployment with a densely populated and highly-utilized set of cloud computing resources. With our services, you can move your legacy workloads to the cloud the right way and cost-effectively.