Our Leadership

We are passionate about empowering our employees and making a meaningful difference to each domain where we do business. Coming from various walks of life, our dedicated leadership team is devoted to realizing our vision, motivating our staff, and helping our clients reach their objectives. Meet the team. 

Vishal Adsool

Founder, CEO

Sachin Vishwase

Sr.Partner, Director


VP - Technology

Ganesh Gawali

VP - Technology

Pankaj Wahane

VP - Technology

Vikash Anand

VP - Technology

Robert Cornwell

Director, Sales & Marketing

Bimal Nair

GM - Projects

Bhakti Shah

GM - User Experience

Sonali Prabhumirashi

Head - Human Resources

Akanksha Bisht

AVP - Data Engineering

Jhumur Saha

Creative Director

Vandna Sinha

AGM - Data Science

Kashmira Lad

GM - Content