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With the advent of technology and rise in the economy, automotive companies have always felt a sense of pressure while operating in a global competitive marketplace. Amidst this competition the auto industry is growing at a break-neck speed. According to IHS Automotive whereas USA continues to remain on top, a paradigm shift in the rankings is expected to happen very soon where it is predicated that India may become the 3rd largest automotive market in the world by 2016. With such a promising market in place, the market players are leaving no stones unturned to gain and retain their customer base.

The bottom line is certainly to increase sales however apart from just gaining new customers, retaining the existing ones is equally important. Your existing customers are your brand ambassadors and their verdict over the quality of your product has a direct impact on your sales.

With this post we are sharing three things that we think can help the automobile industry increase their sales considerably.

1) Show them what you have on the shelf as well as under your sleeve

In the age of digital media where everything has a HD tag, if you are thinking of impressing your prospective customers with an ultra-cool paper broacher, it is like bringing a sword to a gun fight. With the aid of the high-definition televisions, projectors, or tablets a visual impact on your prospect is certainly going to influence his purchase decision. Studies show that visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. Rightly said, if a picture can talk a thousand words, then perhaps a video would be able to talk a million! Then again, since its digital it can be updated as fast as a fraction of a sec rather than ages for the collective work of your printer and your courier company.

2) Quote it before someone else does:

With competition splurging in every nook and corner, the main reason why prospects turn their back at businesses is blamed on the slow process of getting a quotation on their requirement. Quotations should be professional looking rather than just a chit of paper with a photocopied table and the agent’s name written with a ball pen. Instead, each of your associate should be empowered to print and soft dispatch the same on-the-fly. Also, chances are that most of the associates in your showroom would probably be loosing a deal because of lack of keeping follow-ups. Imagine a Mobile application where follow-up auto reminders would be configurable, the probability of your sales associate calling the customer for follow-up goes a notch higher. Also showing simple yet professional etiquette like a ‘Thank you for visiting our showroom’ OR ‘Thank you for your enquiry’ email may not only bring the customer onto your website but also will that help you get in his address book and him get in your mailing list for newsletters that announce your upcoming offers.

3. Create brand ambassadors with your after-sales service:

Understanding the fact that your proposal is considerably a significant financial decision for your customers to go for, most of the customer check your reviews online before they confirm their affirmation with you. These reviews are just like report cards showing your performance on a relationship. With simple iTunes & Android applications that can help your customers schedule and book their service appointment or even find the closest service station on a map and dial the helpline numbers can make a huge difference in strengthening your relationship with your customers. Again, these apps can empower you to ask them how you are doing and encourage them to share the experience online with their social network.

With the mobile app market growing at a jet speed, getting the app out instantly and within budget is no longer a challenge. Equations Work has come out with a series of solutions that can help you cross your ‘lead to deal’ journey with various mobility solutions. Ask us how a Swedish truck manufacturer and a Korean car manufacturer boosted up their sales with Equations Work or get in touch with us by clicking on the “Contact us” link on top.

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