How this Airline created Superior Immersive Experiences in AR/VR within minutes for Learners

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In a constantly connected digital world, distractions are a common scenario. The world of online learning thus needs to fill this gap and hold the attention span of the learning process. This raises the question of how professionals are equipped for the challenges that are posed by online learning formats. The same holds true for any form of information being shared to create a learning experience for any individual. 


So, what happens when an international Airline firm needs to share information with their employees/trainees through a visually engaging format? The process that requires multiple levels of information-sharing would be a cumbersome affair for the course creator. Similarly, learners (placed at different corners of the world) may also struggle to hold their attention span and scroll through multiple pages of information leading to loss of interest, increased stress, and limited participation. 

Augmenting the Experience of Online Learning

What can one do differently? Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are a power-packed combination and can completely change the game of online learning formats. Virtual Reality offers simulated experiences that generate an almost real-world atmosphere. VR, which is extremely popular for gaming, also displays a high potential for educational content.

Augmented Reality offers an interactive experience in this real-world scenario thereby enhancing a person’s experience. The interactive 3D experience in a computer-generated environment makes it one of the most popular technology trends in recent times.

According to this source, AR accounts for $4.2 billion in revenue, and VR for $3.5 billion in 2021. This itself shows the power of AR/VR in terms of innovation, adoption, and acceptance.

However, industries also witnessed hurdles in the adoption of AR/VR.

  1. Poor user experience (technical issues, lack of sophisticated software)
  2. Costs for creation (software development, hiring people with technical expertise)
  3. Time taken for the creation of AR/VR simulations 

This Airline Created Immersive Experiences within Minutes

With the rising costs in AR/VR creation, the Airline did things differently for their audience. The airline had a requirement to create trivia, share details of their mission and vision, offer instructions, and brief new joiners on details of the firm. The content was created using sophisticated AR/VR technology that offered a variety of ways to showcase information and create a unique set of experiences.

The Airline thus used Experizer – a ‘no-code’ online authoring tool, that is simple and easy to use right within the browser. So, no software downloads, no coding! All one needs to do is ‘Click to Create AR/VR’ within minutes for access across any device (desktops, mobile, VR headsets). Experizer offers immersive experiences through 360° Immersive Views, trivia rooms, walk-throughs, and much more.

The Airline created a grand experience for their new joiners, by immersing the audience in interactive quizzes, walking them through virtual rooms, offering cabin instructions innovatively, displaying the mission and vision through an engaging format, and much more. The company also shared information on its policies on smoking while offering insights into the hazards of smoking, innovative trivia, and more. The innovation was added at a fraction of the actual costs of creating highly engaging AR/VR from scratch.

The result?

An immersive experience that engaged the audience with greater memory retention than ever before! The learners watched in rapt attention while moving through different topics that were presented with effortless ease.

What next?

You can make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality a part of your world within minutes. You could be an entrepreneur, an HR professional, an eLearning course creator, a teacher, or any person looking to elevate the experience of information-sharing online. You could be from any industry – IT, Fashion and Lifestyle, Entertainment, eLearning, and more. Anyone with a need to communicate benefits from the immersive experiences of Experizer.

How Easy is It?

Quite simple, honestly!

  1. Select a template
  2. You customize the experiences with your choice of content and images/videos (Experiences are interactive samples with a built-in AR/VR feel)
  3. Grant access to your exclusive members or share with everyone
  4. Get real-time analytics of the usage
  5. A single click to publish your customized templates to any platform
  6. Easy sharing – one URL to get your users involved online

Watch Experizer in action!

Think this is unreal? Well, with Experizer, it’s as real as it can get! You can sign up for the Free unlimited trial with 50 MB space and get access to all templates. With Experizer – let your experiences come alive!

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