How this Company Packed a Digital Punch using Immersive Experiences at a recent Mela

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People engagement is essential in the digital world with distractions on the rise. Learning has grown leaps and bounds in the manner content is presented to learners worldwide. An immersive learning process breaks the monotony of online learning while keeping learners engaged throughout the process. Immersive learning thus uses a simulated environment to take any training or learning program to the next level. 

The most immersive of all technologies – AR and VR, have the reputation of engaging learners to a great depth as compared to any other format of learning. This is witnessed with the large number of corporations showing a preference for immersive training programs. The future is about the creation of virtual worlds which makes training and learning an easy process. This was witnessed at a recent virtual mela hosted by a prominent group in the education space


Why VR?

Virtual Reality allows the user to be completely immersed in the material (that’s right! No distractions!). The experience also offers the user an opportunity to move objects across the screen, walk into any location, interact online, and do much more than a regular program or presentation.

How Easy Can It Get?

Virtual Reality is often a preferred technology but remains underutilized due to the complexity of building a highly complex scenario that caters to different needs. This includes the creation of a display of images and videos, adding quizzes and trivia, and more. Immersive learning can boast different ways to keep learners engaged. These learners may be geographically spread out across the globe.

What this Company did Differently

ImaginXP – India’s leading Higher-Ed company that offers a virtual learning platform for unique “future skills” degree courses recently powered their learning experience with VR technology. The company hosts India’s biggest monthly virtual exhibitions that bring the best Universities (30+ and more) on one platform. ImaginXP also offers topmost programs and certifications to empower the youth with skills of the future in the areas of design, technology, business, and more. They also run career awareness and career counseling programs.

The Virtual Education Counseling Mela (ECM 2021) for the year was held with a touch of difference. The company used Experizer’s XX interactivity that enabled the team to create an immersive experience within minutes! Yes, we said it right. Within minutes!

Here’s how they did it.

Add Experizer sample here.

Experizer Interactivity Name: XXXX with link to the sample.

ImaginXP used XXXX interactivity to create an immersive experience for users. Videos regarding their offerings, CEO advice, testimonials of students, and more were displayed in a Virtual Mela environment. This gave a realistic feel of walking into a Career Counseling fair from any corner of the world! Topmost Universities were featured, and their founders shared valuable inputs through engaging video content that benefitted students worldwide.

The result?

ImaginXP experienced a significant rise in the number of views for the online counseling mela, with an increased number of queries for their programs. The company also witnessed an astounding number of signups from students. The engagement of the students online using immersive VR technology ensured greater memory retention through an easy-to-understand format of content.

How did they do it in minutes?

ImaginXP used Experizer – an AR/VR studio that offers immersive interactivity for training and eLearning purposes. This is an easy-to-use online authoring tool that lets any user create an immersive and highly engaging Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experience within minutes. No coding involved! The experiences are heightened in their appeal with the use of VR headsets and can be viewed on any device. Experizer creates higher engagement bringing added value through experiences such as Virtual Tours, digital Walk-Through’s, Games, and more. The ready-to-use templates are easy – just add content, change images if required, and publish rapidly within a single click!

Sounds exciting? We thought you’d like to try it out. Sign up for the Free Trial and join the community of authors worldwide. It’s free (for now)!

See Experizer in action.


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