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If moving objects by merely looking at it is called as telekinesis or psychokinesis, imagine you doing the same without even thinking about it? Certainly sounds like dark ages with witchcraft and dark magic but the fact is that its possible and the gurus of this dark magic are the Kings of the M2M world who have started practicing M2M since ages. M2M or Machine to Machine is a technology that probably going to play a vital role in etching the route to the future of this world. 

Imagine you are 30 minutes aways from your home. Your home senses it checks with your phone about your destination and if you are coming home and it opens the Windows and starts the fan for ventilation if its the summer or probably during winters it warms up your home to the thermostat temperature that you last set in the car or at the office or in the hotel room too. You coffee machine starts boiling and the mood settings for your ‘tired from work and travel’ switch on the soothing music and lighting. If you are living this kind of life, you are already surfing the wave of M2M and thats how Internet of things is helping you get a King like experience. 

M2M with enterprise applications is something where the Enterprise mobility wing of Equations Work has been helping its clients since quite sometime now. With its current assignment, Equations Work has defined a way through which heavy machinery would be able to log data into a cloud based server as well as a cloud based application can take partial control of the machinery in cases of emergencies. Realizing the potential in this field, Equations Work has partnered with this company to take M2M to the next level and are currently working on creating a seamless way to integrate sensors and actuators with a M2M infrastructure. 

Enterprise M2M has a lot to offer. If you wish to monitor your Construction tools, Medical Status data in your hospital, unmanned telecom towers, ATM machines or even your agriculture initiatives, EM2M is the technology for you. 

Most of our clients for M2M usually prefer consulting with us prior to signing up and we respect the same as this on-the-house consultancy comes with a hassle free assurance that you are choosing the best partner for your M2M initiatives. 

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