Prezcast: Present your PowerPoint slides/presentations through a Chromecast

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Presenters already have a load to carry on them. Carrying a laptop is something that may add to the load and tension. Realizing the same, Equations Work has come out with an application for casting your presentation slides directly to a Chromecast device. Well, we call it “Prezcast”.

With Prezcast your HDMI TV or HDMI projector can conveniently have just the Chromecast attached to it and all it takes for you to beam your slides is your handy mobile phone or your tablet. “Look ma! No laptop!”. Roam around in the auditorium anywhere as far as you are in the range of the Wi-Fi. Currently, we are supporting only Android, but we are also working in parallel for iOS too. Shortly we’d be having one ready. 

What differentiates this application from the usual presentation tools is that you can also use your finger as a laser pointer! Now that is something that can certainly come in handy at times when you have to point on the screen. Currently, it does not support animated presentations however, it is just a matter of time when we’d be coming out with a version that does that. 

As for the price, it is free and it always would be! Talk to us if you need custom enhancements so that you can have it chiseled as per your requirements or branding. 

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