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It is exciting to join a company that gets listed in the list that shows the best workplaces to work for, however, what is more exciting is when your associates say that your company is one from the same list. Yes, we may have started off in a small garage setup once but right since the beginning each of our associates believed that they were an integral part of the company and more than just the infrastructure of the company what really made Equations Work a ‘best place to work for’ was the bonding between the close-knit associates playing the role of technology evangelist. Crazy about technology, the company to date is still treated more like a lab rather than just another company. I have seen highly paid software engineers from big banners joining Equations Work only to do something that they were passionate about. Honestly, I never had to really use a Job portal subscription for the company because my current associates have always been like magnets. They just attract other talent to the company. With the strength of the company now growing we would shortly be bringing our 50th associate on board and if it works the way it was planned, we would be having our 50th associate through referral. 

When I look back now, I see just 3 years of my association with this dream but in these 3 years as a pillar of the Human Resource team, I must have created almost a zillion relations that I know I will cherish for a lifetime. What really separates this company from the rest is the level of freedom that every associate enjoys for exploring technology. Be it a project as simple as a Civil calculator or even a high-end IoT implementation, every individual knows how to deliver the best. We can proudly say that the attrition rate at Equations Work has hence been at a record minimum year on year as compared to most of the other companies. One of the reasons why that might be the case is because at Equations Work we believe in sharing a sense of transparency and empowerment so as for our associates to feel invested and informed. Being a bootstrapped company the company did face some turbulence initially however with this attitude every individual onboard understood his responsibility in the toughest of times and delivered to their fullest. Now that is not something you get to see every day.

All in all, I am really proud to be a part of this dream and as one of the pillars of Human Resources I am really loving it!

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