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Surveys shows that the Clock on your mobile phone is used more often than the one on your wrist. Usually one prefers to just gaze at the time but DID YOU KNOW that you also have a function on the Clock app that can help you boost your productivity? Well here is a proven way of doing it.

All the standard clock apps have an inbuilt Timer! If yours does not then download that from the store for free. Once done use the 10-minute and the 5-minute hourglass rule to manage your tasks. Here is how you do it. (Also works like a charm with a Sand clock – gift yourself someday)

– Pick your biggest, scariest, most put-off task. Choose the next action, set your timer for 10 minutes, start the timer, and begin.

– When the timer goes off at the end of the 10 minutes, stop. Get up, walk around, get a drink, and pat yourself on the back for what you’ve just done: you stopped procrastinating and get started again after 5 minutes.

– Then repeat!

What helps more is having a well-planned To-do list before you start your day! So next time before you start, try setting up your timers to boost up your productivity.

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